After years of hearing about the raw diet, I finally switched.  My Belle is an old golden of over 12 years, and I started having issues with her in August.  Out of the blue she started having diahrrea, and it did not go away with any medication from my vet. She and I went through several tests and were not getting anywhere. My vet warned me that treating recurring diahrea was one of the most frustrating things for them to try to treat and for pet owners to deal with.  As weeks went on, I felt like I was at a loss as to what to do next, I also starting to feel the pressure of the vet costs building, not to mention how hard it was to watch Belle have these issues and not feel well.  After receiving a lot of good information and encouragement from you and Norma, I tried the raw food diet as well as the supplements that you recommended for her.  Within 5-6 days, she was better.  We have not had an issue with the diahrrea since. She’s even healthier overall, her spirits are up, and she has not missed one meal when many times before she would eat only half of her kibble and push the rest away.  She LOVES the food.  For a girl who I feared was on her way out of this world, she is now barking in the morning to get me out of bed, because she wants to eat!  I genuinely feel that this has made ALL the difference in her health and wellbeing.  I can’t thank you enough. 

Amy B

We have a doberman which we put on raw meat about 5 yrs ago because of health reasons (arthritis , loss of energy etc.) So when I adopted Kodi at 1 yr old I wanted to make sure he had a healthy, long life with food that was grain free, raw, raw bones & treats that came from the USA.   Now at 4 yrs old he is energenic, no health problems and a soft shinny coat.

Here is a photo of "K C" and "Maisy" my male (K C) and female (Maisy) King Charles Cavalier Spaniels who have been raw fed for the past 2 years.

My testimony is simply that K C and Maisy seem happy, healthy and their vet indicates a noticeable difference in that they have cleaner teeth, thicker, shinier coats and she seems to be accepting my approach to "lesser vaccinations" as well. Thanks to Jerry and Ellen Welk from Animal Insights LLC for their holistic approach to raw feeding and introducing me to you and My Pet Carnivore we look forward to longevity in their lives.

Gail Schabloski

Chloe has been raw feed for four years.  The reason I sought out an alternative is her weight issue.  We wrestled with her weight for her first 2 years of life.  She was active in dog sports and received daily exercise, but was still over weight.  I started to feel awful I was feeding her the minimum dry kibble and she was still overweight.  After a long talk with Dana we switched to raw, within 4-6 weeks I saw such an improvement.  She has been lean and trim for 4 years now and in exceptional shape.  Thank you Dana and Irish Acres Pet Health.

Andrea West

I own 3 female Newfoundlands, mother and 2 daughters.  I feed them raw food and have been, ever since they were puppies.   The Newfoundland breed can tend to have hip problems and being overweight is not healthy.  Feeding a raw diet helps to maintain a healthy weight.   I feed a variety of raw food - ground meat and raw meaty bones.  I also feed vegetable and fruits as part of the raw diet.  

They love the raw food diet and bowls are always cleaned out.  I’ve noticed that the raw diet keeps their teeth clean.   Previously I had a male Newfoundland who lived to be almost 10 years old.  His teeth were cleaned only once in his lifetime and he had no tarter build up.  Keeping their teeth clean is one of the benefits very important to me because putting these big guys under anesthetic to clean teeth is risky.

Our heartfelt thanks to Dana for introducing raw feeding to us...for quietly and patiently explaining things without being overly zealous.  You let the diet do the talking. We still don’t know what specifically Piper was allergic to, or if it indeed was allergies,  but we can’t argue with the results.  We have a happy, healthy dog!

Pam and Keith Bilyeu