Raw Diet for Dogs and Cats Wisconsin

We believe in giving our dogs and cats the natural diet they were designed to eat. In the wild, dogs and cats would not eat cooked meats and grains. Their digestive system is meant for enzyme rich raw meat, raw bones and the natural probiotics found in green tripe.

Cooked pet food made from grains and questionable meat products, like those found in store bought pet food, is not created for their specific diet needs. Cooking destroys enzymes and probiotics that your pet needs to properly utilize their food.

Natural Pet Food - Barf Products, OC Raw, Raw Bistro, Answers Pet Food, Northwest Naturals, Primal, Tripe, Beef Organ Mix and Ground Veggies.

We are a Wisconsin Distributor for My Pet Carnivore. We order in monthly from them. If you would like to place an order with MPC and pick up at Irish Acres, in Neenah, Wisconsin, please send us an email and we will put you on our email list for notifications of order dates and pick up times. We do have a delivery point once a month in Little Chute, Wisconsin, at Simon's Cheese, just off of Interstate 41.

Raw diet is made up of:

Please call or email us for more information, deliver dates or to place an order.

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Orders may be placed via email at irishacrespethealth@gmail.com or phone 920-778-0104. We will confirm all orders; if you do not receive a confirmation of your order, we didn't receive it, so please contact us again to be sure your order is included! If you have not ordered from us before please include your complete address and phone number (including area code) so that we can contact you to confirm pick up or add you to our delivery schedule.